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Sunday, August 6, 2023

New Class of 2023 Inductees

Time and Location will be Announced Soon!

Why Was The Santa Barbara Basketball Court of Champions Created?
The Court of Champions was a brainstorming creation based on the fact that the Santa Barbara community has experienced so many talented and influential individual's in the game of basketball. Some of the distinguished inductee's were born and raised here, like former NBA player Don Ford, while others have graced our City temporarily, such as UCSB player and graduate Brian Shaw, who is a long time NBA player and coach. The success and fruitions of our local basketball far exceeds recognizing only players and coaches. Santa Barbara has witnessed many elitist in the area's of Media/Journalist, Medical, Administrator's, Financial Supporter's, Owner's and Management, Community Mentor's, Entertainers and Public Speakers. 
Simply stated, our sole purpose is to recognize and honor outstanding participants who have brought joy, entertainment and support to the "Mecca of Basketball", The Santa Barbara Community.  

The Santa Barbara Basketball Court of Champions was established to recognize and honor individuals from our Santa Barbara Community who have achieved and/or made significant contributions to the Game of Basketball. There is an unlimited variety of contributors: coaches, players, administrators, community mentors, entertainers, medical personnel, financial supporters, team owners and management, media/journalists, and public speakers, who have foundationally served as the grass roots for Santa Barbara basketball over many decades. In concert with recognizing and honoring past and present dignataries, the Court of Champions also place a high standard of responsibility of assisting our youth participants in basketball as they develop and rise through the ranks of elementary, junior/senior high school and the collegiate level. This support is provided through an infrastructure of  clinics, camps, all star games, motivational workshops and college scholarship funds. The Santa Barbara Basketball Court of Champions is a Community Endeavor........A Family for All People, All Ages. 



(805) 969-7542

Hall of Fame

May 21, 2017 | Cabrillo Arts Pavilion | 6-8:15PM

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